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35 Watt Par 30 Super Bright LED Bulb

35 Watt Par 30 Super Bright LED Bulb
The comparisons of our new LED bulb vs. typical halogen lights are simple: The LED lamp is many times brighter than halogen, offering diamond white color and unbelievable sparkle - you can use less lights and still get much brighter light output. Each LED bulb is only 35 watts - using only a fraction of the electricity of a typical 75-watt halogen light, running at much cooler temperatures than hot halogens - the LED will actually pay for itself over time with much lower utility bills. The LED lamp is rated at an incredible 50,000 hours - lasting dramatically longer than a typical 5,000 hour halogen bulb which has to be replaced over and over again. Works with our LED track light fixture (sold separately), which clips anywhere onto our surface track (sold separately). The LED bulbs are available in a black or white base, with a choice of two visible light color characteristics: cool color 6000K (bluish clear) for jewelry store applications offers incredible sparkle, while warmer color 4000K (white light) for clothing stores and general use will make colors jump. Ships factory-direct by UPS ground service. Please allow approx one to two weeks for delivery. Select color and style below:

Item Number: 35LED

Price: $79.00 each