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Clear Adhesive Hang Tabs~

Clear Adhesive Hang Tabs~
- Show more products in less space, and give smaller items higher visibility by sticking adhesive hang tabs to smaller products, and displaying items on pegboard hooks (sold separately). Great for small items such as CD"s, toys, games, drugs, cosmetics, candy, house wares, or anything to be displayed on peg hooks. Made of clear plastic in choice of two styles: Smaller size tabs are 1" wide, with a 3/8" hole, and hold 2 to 5 oz of merchandise, with 36 tabs per sheet. Larger style tabs are 1-5/8" wide, with an oval slot that works with single or double prong peg hooks, holds 6 to 8 oz of merchandise, with 20 tabs per sheet. Priced per sheet, select size below.

Item Number: HTS, HTL

Price: $2.50 per sheet