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Complete Glass Cube Merchandisers

Complete Glass Cube Merchandisers
Made of 3/16" thick clear tempered glass, with chrome metal connectors. Each cube bin is 12" high, and 12" wide. Select the size that best suits your needs by choosing how many cubes high, and how many cubes wide, for your glass cube merchandiser unit. Each cube display unit comes complete with clear tempered glass panels and chrome metal connectors, everything you need to build your own display cube merchandiser units. Glass cube merchandisers are one of our most popular and versatile cubing systems. Simple and easy to assemble with open backs, glass panels attach together easily using a screwdriver with chrome metal two-way, three-way, and four-way connectors. (Five popular cube display units are shown above, with sizes and pricing shown below). Other sizes are also available; please call for pricing on other sizes.

Item Number: G33, G34, G44, G45, G55

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