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Display Tips by Allen Designers, Inc

When buying store fixture and display merchandise for a retail store, there are so many things to consider when deciding how to make the best choice. Our wide range of options and the tips below should help you get starting in the right direction!

Before you begin consider the following:

  • Product niche - must sell a product that is in demand, which customers are looking to buy.
  • Your customers - know your customers, and offer excellent service to build customer loyalty.
  • The competition - who are your competitors, and what products and services are they offering.
  • Your location - what is the best, affordable location, in order for customers to find and visit you.

Visual Merchandising

  • Wall Displays - slatwall panels and fixtures, gridwall panels and displays, slotted wall standards, face-outs, hangrails, and shelving.
  • Floor Fixtures - gridwall panels and accessories, garment racks, display cases and counters, metal shelving gondolas, floor and cube merchandisers.
  • Display Products - mannequins and body forms, clear acrylic displays, countertop and jewelry displays.
  • Supplies & Equipment - hangers and steamers, tagging supplies and labelers, packaging and shopping bags.
  • Promotional Items - window signs and banners, sign holders and sign cards, sale tags and tickets.
  • Lighting Fixtures - track lighting and accessories, rope lights.
  • Security Equipment - security cameras and mirrors, entry alert chimes, security chains, crowd control systems.

Wall Displays

Slatwall is the most popular wall system to display merchandise and maximize total use of wall areas. Slatwall panels and accessories allow complete versatility to display merchandise anywhere on the panel. Visually, the look of slatwall is very eye appealing, giving a clean, streamlined look. Slatwall accessories fit in grooves anywhere on the panel, allowing you to set up displays exactly how you want them. Slatwall panels are shipped by truck line.

Panels are 4 ft high x 8 ft wide, with horizontal grooves running in the 8 ft direction. Grooves are spaced every 3" apart. For installation, mount panels to stud walls using counter-sunk flat-head drywall screws through the grooves. Drive a screw into every stud horizontally, and into every third groove vertically. To cut panels with a hand power saw, use a fine plywood blade and cut from the back of panel to avoid chipping the laminate surface.

Slatwall and Accessories

Slotted wall standards are a long established, effective means of displaying heavier merchandise, allowing you to display more merchandise on wall areas. Display hardware accessories such as shelving brackets, hangrail brackets, and face-outs provide organized, effective merchandise presentation. Slotted wall standards are available in regular-duty (with ½” slots) for medium weight loads, and heavy-duty (with 1” slots) for heavier items. For installation, simply screw the standards into the wall studs.

Floor Fixtures

Gridwall panels and accessories have become the most popular and versatile way to utilize both wall-mounted applications and freestanding floor displays. Gridwall panels are a durable, medium weight system in a variety of panel sizes, constructed of ¼” thick wire made up of 3” squares, which accept various display accessories for hanging, shelving, and merchandising products.

To use as a wall system, attach wall-mount brackets to the wall studs, and hang gridwall panels on the brackets, using four wall-mount brackets for each gridwall panel. To use as a floor system, join gridwall panels together using joining clips or plastic cable ties, creating freestanding displays such as triangular three-way towers, four-way displays, and gondola style merchandising units. Gridwall panels are commonly used for display windows, trade shows and markets, and can be set up side-by-side using attachable grid base legs, providing a large display space for merchandise presentation.

Garment racks and displayers offer a wide variety of options, and are beneficial to show and sell items using floor displays. Round racks, straight bar clothing racks, and high-capacity merchandisers are useful for holding a lot of merchandise in a limited amount of space. Two-arm and four-arm racks are popular, eye-catching displayers designed to create a visually powerful display of garments.

Display cases and counters feature sturdy construction and durable low-pressure laminated finishes in solid colors and wood grain styles. Our ‘low-priced, fast-ship’ collection of budget-priced display cases and counters are an exceptional value, using coordinated heights and widths to allow many possible layouts by using showcases, wrap counters, cash stands, and corner fillers. Our ‘pioneer series’ is an elegant line of display cases and counters that are slightly deeper, offering more color choices, and satin-finished aluminum frames and hardware.

Display cases and counters are available in 48”, 60” and 70” lengths. Showcases have adjustable glass shelves, with options such as fluorescent lights, and locks to secure your products. All units are crated and shipped assembled, ready-to-use. Shipment is by truck line for curbside delivery. Display Cases and Counters

For smaller items, countertop display cases are available in upright styles or flat counter showcases. Made from glass or clear acrylic, counter display cases let you feature merchandise almost anywhere in your store, or at trade shows and markets.

Metal shelving gondolas can display any number of products easily with total merchandising flexibility. Made of heavy gauge steel and built to last, they are one of the most effective and durable display merchandisers available. Gondolas have a beige baked enamel finish, with pegboard backs.

Metal shelving gondolas are sold in 4 ft sections, which can be joined side-by-side to make a continuous run of shelving units. Available in both single-sided wall units, and double sided floor units. Optional end display units can be added at each end of floor units if desired. Gondolas ship factory direct by truck line, and include assembly instructions.

Display Products

Mannequins and body forms are essential for enhancing merchandise, making it easier for customers to visualize how clothing will look on them. Traditional life size mannequins offer a flattering look to clothing, and are the most effective way to sell merchandise. Body forms and mannequin alternatives such as torso forms, dress forms, and shirt forms are lower in cost, and are not full-body displays like mannequins. Cost effective display stands with display hanger tops let you feature merchandise on counters, shelves, and as garment rack toppers. Mannequins and Body Forms

Clear acrylic displays offer many innovative fixtures, giving a clean look with the greatest eye appeal for your products. Made to display items on slatwall, gridwall, and countertop use, acrylic displays help you sell more merchandise, and are excellent for many accessory items including jewelry. With clear acrylic displays such as shelves, trays, bins, sign holders, mirrors, easels, and display risers and cubes, there is a display available for almost every purpose.

Black plush velvet countertop jewelry displays are a low cost, affordable way to display jewelry and accessories at their best. Attractive with an upscale look, designed to display necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches, great for use in showcases and store windows.

Supplies & Equipment

There are many types of store supplies and equipment necessary to keep a retail store running smoothly. Clothes hangers are available in clear, black, and white in various styles and weights. Choose from adult size or children’s hangers to hang dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts, pants, suits, and coats. Hanger accessories such as hanger stackers, foam pad hanger covers, reaching rods, size dividers, and specialty clips, hooks, and hang tabs all help solve retail problems for hard-to-hang merchandise.

Jiffy steamers are available in hand-held and floor model units, and are widely used to safely and quickly remove wrinkles from garments. Bagging dispenser racks used with plastic garment bags on rolls offer protection for garments.

Tagging & labeling supplies are used to tag garments and price merchandise. Tagging guns and plastic fasteners are used to attach tags to garments easily and securely. Pre-printed perforated tags are used to keep track of items that are sold. Hand-held labelers save time and money by quickly and reliably pricing merchandise.

Packaging products such as shopping bags come in popular sizes to protect contents and make shopping easier for your customers. Embossed gift boxes and gift certificates add a finishing touch and help promote your store image.

Packaging and Shopping Bags

Promotional Items:

Window signs and banners are traffic-stoppers, and create an opportunity to get a shopper’s attention. Many retailers underestimate the powerful pull of an effective window sign. Before a retail store can sell merchandise to it’s shoppers, it has to entice them in first. This is where effective signs, banners and promotional displays come in.

Once a shopper is inside the door, a well thought out and effectively signed promotional interior can be a call to action for shoppers. Using promotional signs and sign holders, and colorful sales tags as a visual hook can plant a seed of interest to get customer response and help increase sales. Signs and Sign Holders

Lighting Fixtures

One of the most important, yet underused elements of visual merchandising is the proper use of lighting to highlight merchandise and displays. Track lighting enhances color, and vivid color sells merchandise. Track lighting can actually help enhance sales.

Ambient lighting is the general lighting of a retail store, in many cases fluorescent lighting. Track lighting can be used for perimeter lighting - illuminating wall displays. Track lighting can also be used as accent lighting – highlighting specific merchandise, adding excitement, and drawing attention to your merchandise. Track Lighting and Rope Lights

Security Equipment

Fighting shoplifting and theft and protecting profits can be done with a little effort and expense. You can monitor store traffic, frustrate thieves, and gain peace of mind with security equipment that really works.

Know when customers enter and exit your store. A low cost entry chime motion sensor can be attached to the wall easily next to the door to announce visitors. Fake security cameras are exceptionally realistic and help prevent loss. Real security systems are complete audio/video systems with small cameras and cables to a monitor, which can also be hooked up to your existing VCR for recording. Security mirrors are very effective, and let you see what activities are going on around your store. Security chains protect valuable garments and prevent ‘grab and run’ theft. Security and Crowd Control

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising and display is a diversified business. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know. With our experience, we can provide many items you may require. For additional information on buying store fixtures and displays, contact us by telephone, e-mail, or fax. We are here to serve you.